Who is Jan Gerrit Wieners?

He's got a PhD in computer science

Jan Gerrit Wieners wrote his PhD thesis about artificial intelligence in computer games. He developed a JavaScript Multiagent Board Game Framework based on Monte Carlo Methods.

Feel free to play some games at spoookyjs.de. You can read his PhD thesis here. If you like code then take a look at the github repository.

He's a truly passionate software-/web developer

Jan Gerrit Wieners thinks in 1's and 0's and speaks fluently JavaScript, C++, Python, Lua, TypeScript, HTML, CSS and other funky programming- and markup-languages.

Jan develops beautiful software and web interfaces at the German Archaeological Institute (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut) using damn fine frameworks like AngularJS / AngularJS 2.

He's a lecturer at the University of Cologne

Jan Gerrit Wieners teaches at the University of Cologne since winter term 2009 - that's quite a long time, isn't it?

His courses are about introducing students to the basics of computer science, artificial intelligence, digital humanities, developing games for digital humanities scenarios, augmented reality, virtual reality - and creating wonderful websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery and developing nice web applications for mobile devices.

Ok, cool! Is there anything else to say about Jan Gerrit Wieners?

Jan ♥ boxing at the Guts & Glory Boxclub, martial arts (he practiced wing chun for quite a long time), surfing, skating, snowboarding, computer-/videogames, reading good books and travelling. You can find photos and stories of some of his travels on his blog kulturbrause.de.

Besides working as a freelance web developer Jan works in interesting academic projects.

Since August 2015 Jan works for the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut / Cologne Digital Archaeology Laboratory (CoDArchLab)

From 2009 to 2015 Jan worked at the institute for Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Informationsverarbeitung (Computer Science for the Humanities), University of Cologne

To be academically successful Jan should write more technical articles. One paper he wrote is about pattern recognition in computer games:

  • Together with M. Guttenbrunner, A. Rauber, M. Thaller: Same Same But Different – Comparing Rendering Environments for Interactive Digital Objects. In Ioannides, M. et. al.: Digital Heritage - Third International Conference, EuroMed 2010. Lemessos, Cyprus, November 8-13, 2010 Proceedings. Berlin 2010: Springer Verlag.

A photo of Jan G. Wieners